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Missouri Legends

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Missouri Legends

Welcome to the home page for all things about Famous Missourians!

This web site was designed around the book “Missouri Legends: Famous People From the Show Me State.”   The book has been a great success, but we kept hearing from teachers who said they wanted me to keep updating my list! 

This site not only includes the Famous People From Missouri listed in the book, but also lists hundreds of others who came from the Show Me State and rose to greatness.

 If you know of a Famous Missourian that you would like to see included on the site, just send me a blog post and we’ll check it out!  We are always looking for new people to add.

Click here for a submission…


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  About John Brown:jb headshot
John Brown is an Anchor and Reporter for FOX 35. He joined the team in July of 2011, returning to Orlando after a 4 year hiatus. He spent the last few years in St. Louis as a part of the #1 morning TV program, “Fox 2 News in the Morning.”. He also hosted a talk radio show, “John Brown’s Mindset”, on The Big 550 KTRS.

Prior to FOX 2, John was the Host of “The Daily Buzz”, a nationally syndicated morning news-talk show based in Orlando. He began his career in radio in Miami and also hosted a talk show in Pennsylvania.

John is a native Missourian who graduated from Central Methodist University with a degree in Biology and a minor in Chemistry. He was ready to begin medical school in 1994, but followed his passion for news instead. His undergraduate cancer research was even published, “Cancer and Radiation: Causation and Correlation.” He also worked on his Master’s Degree at St. Louis University and Barry University in Miami.

John does extensive public speaking and is the author of two history books, “Missouri Legends: Famous People From the Show Me State“, “The Ultimate Missouri Trivia Book”.   He has also served as emcee at numerous pageants, including the Miss Missouri Pageant for the last 10 years.

John is married and has two daughters.  He enjoys playing with the kids, all outdoor activities, and studying history and architecture… but hates cold weather!

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      On Fox 35


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Famous People From the Show Me State